Ink Stained Fingers

Gosh darn it, this is so nice!

I see triangles.


Luke Reed & Tea Leigh - Rivers of Love

Like an intimate confession between loverz, vibe creator Luke Reed and folk songstress Tea Leight have teamed up to create the audio version of staring at a shimmering body of water. Not to be ‘punny’ but it really is like the musical narration of a couple sitting in rafts lazily floating down a river in the middle of no where just taking in the quite.


Inspired by The Illustrated Nail, I did this. So sunny. So nice.

I was in a sort of ethereal, mythical mood. The glitter’s gonna be a bitch to get off!

Pastel Cloud Nail Art.

So, I had a pretty good night last night.

Awesome Oz

I’ve just returned from an incredible three weeks in Australia. I was staying in Brisbane, Queensland with my sister. I’m lucky enough to have family out there, so we stayed with them for most of the time. Some highlights of my trip include:

Being ‘bitten’ by a stingray…We went to Seaworld along the Gold Coast, you can pay to feed the stingrays. I was told “Make sure you put your hand right in or the seagulls will eat the food”, I interpreted this as “Put your hand right in the stingrays mouth”. As it turns out, she only meant “keep your hand deep in the water”…Thus I thrust my hand straight into the mouth of a rather large stingray and as it closed its mouth one of its cartilage plates cut my finger! There was of course that moment of pure terror when I thought to myself “Oh my lord!! I going to die…I’m going to die like Steve Irwin!”. How stupid am I?!

Finding my name on a coke bottle…In Australia Coca Cola have come up with (what I believe to be) the best gimmick in the world of soft beverages. The 1.23 litre and the 450ml bottles have the phrase “Share a coke with…” and then a name. It took me a week of turning round every bottle in every shop I’d been in to find my name. I have never felt such joy!


Max Brenner… Max Brenner is described as a ‘chocolate bar’. Customers are invited to consume all things chocolate within the chocolate coloured walls. There is nothing on the menue that doesn’t contain chocolate, it’s a chocoholic’s haven! I would strongly recommend sampling the ‘exploding shot’ and the ‘tutti frutti waffles’. The exploding shot is a dangerously delectable concoction of melted milk chocolate, popping candy and white chocolate drops. It’s served in a shot glass and one can choose whether to ‘skull’ it or devour it with the twizzle stick provided…I prefer the messier option.

Vintage Rose Print

Products I used for this design:

Bourjois 10 Days No Chips - No. 14 (pink) No. 17 (red wine)

Rimmel Lycra Pro - Camouflage Chic and Beige Style

I also used a very thin detailing brush and my dotting tool, both came from www.sparklynails.co.uk

My inspiration for this look came from my love of Kath Kidston prints, very simple designs that create a big impact with great use of bold colours. This is probably the most feminine look I’ve created, and I really love it…it’s floaty, floral and little bit flirty. This look looks complicated and detailed, but it’s actually really simple. I think the messier the roses, the more realistic they look!

I’m heading to London Southbanks tonight to see Slava’s Snowshow. I’m so excited! I’m also hoping to catch the stars on the red carpet at the BFI, for the premier of the new Thatcher film.

Love Laura x

NYE Nails!

For this design I used:

Barry M - 47 Black

Andrea Fulerton - Stripe and Sparkle in white

I really enjoy creating animal print inspired nail art…This particular one is a bit of a mash up of zebra print and tiger print. I started by painting all my nails with the black Barry M varnish, it took 2 coats to get a good even coverage. I don’t really like working with black varnishes, as I find them messy and the consitancy is either too runny or too thick!

I then used the ‘Stripe’ part of my Stripe and Sparkle kit and flicked it across each side of my nail. I found the white varnish quite transluscent, you might need a couple of coats. Once all the varnish was touch dry I added the loose glitter over the top. It’s a wonderful fine, iridescent glitter powder. My first idea was to just have the stripes glittery…but I was impatient and the black hadn’t dried properly, so I ended up with glitter everywhere!

Finish the look with a couple of coats of top coat…This will make the glitter really SHINE and SPARKLE!

I’m holding the Body Shop’s shea (pronounced shay-a) butter body butter. It’s an amazing all over body moisturiser. It contains comunity traded (fair trade) cocoa butter and shea butter, and keeps your skin moisturised for 24 hours. I’m obsessed with body butter, I have a stash of about 10 un-opened and my current favourite flavour (scent) is satsuma!

Happy New Year!

Love Laura x

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